What did you expect to find out about the topic that was missing in the materials you read?choice any topic about infant development

CHDV 2100 Infant DevelopmentCalifornia State University of Los AngelesLibrary Research Paper: Questions About Infant DevelopmentPurpose:The purpose of this assignment is to give students an opportunity to learn more about a specific area of development that interests the student. Furthermore, the purpose of this assignment is for students to get familiar with their topic of choice by using scholarly reports as well as the popular press.Skills and Knowledge:This assignment is intended for students to gain awareness of the issues concerning infants through thorough research, analysis, and reflection of current studies.Task:TopicThe first step is for students to determine what topic they prefer to write about. Choose a topic that really interests you! If you’re having trouble getting started, consider one of the questions below and/or look at previous chapters and lecture notes.SourcesStudents must use at least four empirical articles and two websites as sources of information for their topic of choice.All sources should be as current as possible, preferably published within the past five years.Students will provide a thorough summary of each source used.Empirical articles: Identify the hypothesis or purpose of the study, the methodology used (participants, materials, procedure), and describe the major findings, especially as they relate to your overall topic.Websites: Describe the overall findings and suggestions of the authors.Students will also provide a reflection of their findings.What else would you like to know about the topic?What did you expect to find out about the topic that was missing in the materials you read?Are you satisfied with the methodologies that were used to study your topic?If you were going to carry out a study of the topic, what is a different approach you would try?What are the limitations or strengths of the studies?Are the findings and studies culturally, sexually, and demographically fair?FormatThe paper should include the following:TitleIntroduction (1 paragraph)Summary of empirical articles (1 paragraph each; 4 total)Summary of websites (1 paragraph total; 2 total)Reflection of all sources (1 to 2 paragraphs)Conclusion (1 paragraph)Reference PageThe paper needs to be formatted in APA 7th edition student format.Including the title and reference page, the paper will be between 6 to 8 pages long.The paper should be organized using the following headings:Introduction, Empirical Findings, Websites, Reflection, ConclusionWriting Tips:Find a topic that interests you!Develop an outline or a summary of your topic and research.Save a list of all your sources and list them alphabetically to help organize the reference page.Get together with classmates to conduct a peer-review or get assistance from the CSULA Writing Center.Look over the instructions and rubric to make sure the paper includes all contents asked for.