What did you learn about coping with this type of problem specifically?


After reading the text and watching the presentations, please pick a topic and a link below. Review the information in the article and integrate with material we have covered so far in this course. Then write a clear informative thorough 420 word essay on this topic. If we have not covered a topic, please use your textbook for more information. You do not need to have a reference list, but please include in-text citations for information obtained elsewhere.

Stress & Coping (MUST include accurate information about primary & secondary appraisal!)

This week we learned about primary and secondary appraisal, and the ways that we can revise either of those, either with our own problem-solving abilities or assistance from others who help us with problem-solving. Make sure you are clear about primary and secondary appraisal processes; as well as problem-focsed and emotion-focused coping (You do not have to number your responses, but separate paragraphs are encouraged! AND, always write as if this were going to be published in the NY times!)
(1) Identify a challenge that you have faced in the last month (or two) and how you were able to revise your appraisal. Naturally post challenges that you are comfortable sharing with me and other students.
(2) Also, comment on whether you selected a problem-focused or emotion-focused approach as you worked through this issue. (We all use emotion -focused coping, so don’t be shy! And we sometimes use both – or switch between the two – just carefully consider and describe your process.)
(3) In retrospect, was your approach effective or is there another approach that may have worked better? Could you have switched strategies earlier? Would that have made a difference?
(4) What did you learn about coping with this type of problem specifically? What did you learn about coping more generally? Is there any big lesson here that you can take forward as a general approach to all of the random problems we all experience?
Note: applying these concepts to your own life facilitates learning, and facilitates coping effectiveness!



  • Describe the health issue, consequences and/or treatments listed above 40.
  • What kind of trend (up and down) can you detect year to year in Total Revenues on the Income Statement?
  • Write a research on how the us impacted world affairs from 1898-1914.
  • Discuss technical aspects (Project Management software being used, patents applied, type of foundation, design software used, type of design, etc).
  • Explain how the team feel regarding social or political impact that Marketing should or shouldn’t have within the organisation?
  • What problems do you see with the article’s credibility (ethos)?
  • Discuss about Carl Sagan and how he believed that social media is making America dumber.
  • Write an essay explaining ways in which the New Deal was a success and the ways in which it was not.
  • Discuss the most important civil liberty in your opinion.
  • Write a comparative analysis of Susan Wendell’s “The Social Construction of Disability” AND one of the following texts: Rosemarie Garland-Thomson’s, “Becoming Disabled”, Lisa Egan’s “I’m not a person with a disability, I’m a disabled person”, or Cari Romm’s “The Life and Death of Martha Vineyard’s Sign Language.”