What differences are there in how males and females are portrayed in the various categories of TV programs?

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· posing questions to your fellow students that spark substantial and relevant discussions· sharing quotes, websites, and other supplementary information that is substantial and relevant to the subject being studiedGood job! , and I agree! responses to other learners will not fulfill the requirements of substantive postings. However, these types of messages and replies are wholeheartedly encouraged to add to the positive atmosphere of the class. They just will not count towards the discussion response grade.
Your discussion posting should be between 350-400 words. Your response postings should be a minimum of 50 words for each response to another learner. You are expected to cite your sources using APA for all postings that include content taken from a book, article, the Web, etc. Postings and responses will be due by Sunday night of each week (11:30pm)Here are the 3 questions1. What differences are there in how males and females are portrayed in the various categories of TV programs? For example, are males and females in “educational programs” portrayed differently from those in cartoons and prime-time programs?2. Find and describe at least one Web page that is a professional resource for clinicians, counselors, and others who provide support for families involved in child maltreatment.3. The most severe consequence of child abuse is obviously death. Because of the mass media’s attention to these cases, members of the victims’ and perpetrators’ families have been offered “financial reward” for telling their stories. Does media attention contribute to or help deter child maltreatment?