What do those trends say about the future of work?

Economic dislocations have been with us as long as humans innovate. However, one could argue that ICT quickens the pace of innovation. As ICT accelerates economic principles, such as creative destruction, will shift the dynamics of others, such as supply and demand, with regard to labor. As the BBC article points out, Coronavirus: How the world of work may change forever (Links to an external site.), the pandemic has accelerated these trends. Consider how the future of work may evolve. Collaborate to develop a written analysis of the important economic principles and trends associated with the ICT job market, which answers the following question:What do those trends say about the future of work?Here’s the link to the above external site: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20201023-coronavirus-how-will-the-pandemic-change-the-way-we-work