What do you think of the issue of personalized medicine in this case study.

What do you think of the issue of personalized medicine in this case study. How do you feel about the importance in the study of genetics for a nurse.


– How to write what is Personalized Medicine?
– Talk a little bit about genetics( just genetics)
– Comparison or Contrast between Biomarkers and genetics?
– Give information on Red Headed People and lidocaine
– Another factor patient is Male that may be resistant lidocaine
– Get on the genetics of red hair like she said it is 1 to 4 shots that can have 1 red hair. Both parents have a recessive gene for it. 2 dominant vs recessive gene.
– Biomarkers: Referring to gene mutation.
– Nurses and genetics. Personally, nurses need to take genetic course because it made things make sense. For example, seeing a patient in the ER setting and come in like this gentlemen here with red hair for example, hey I have this happen some other time, this might be something to look at to research a bit before giving medicine. This is how experience nurses come in. They have a lot different things happening in their career. Having the knowledge and the experience what things will work than the student nurse because they haven’t had the experience yet. As through experience, you will say this happened to me before and this is what worked for that circumstance and might work here or might work from before.
– When patient comes in what that thing, you can say hay this might be a genetic thing you may need to evaluate a little bit more or handle to situation a little bit differently.
– Lidocaine is there a maximum dose? Injectable or topical? If there is a maximum dose, you want to address that because then what would be the next step be? In the case study Example, the doctor with general anesthesia. Is there a maximum dosage to give with general anesthesia.