What do you think the union strategies in the 21st century should be?

GEB4891 Lesson 14 – Discussion Identifyand discuss five characteristics of effective strategy evaluation.Discussion Requirements: Your initial post shouldbe at least 250 words, based on your own unique composition–using yourown words along with explicit examples; do not copy/paste someone else’swork. 1 Reference
MAN4401 Lesson 13 – Discussion What do you think the union strategies in the21st century should be? What do you think are the strategic management andleadership issues pertaining to labor relations for managers and union leadersin the 21st century? Give an example in the public sector of where unions areheaded?Requirements:1. Begin contributing to the discussions no laterthan midnight of the first Saturday after a lesson opens.2. Your original post should be a minimum of 250words and based on your own unique composition.MAR4802 Lesson 16 – Discussion Read Online, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing in your textbookon page 468.Marriott used the innovation lab as both abusiness promotion and a consumer promotion, which served different segmentswith different needs. Was that a wise strategy? Explain.Requirements: Begin contributing to the discussions nolater than midnight of the first Saturday after lesson opens. Yourinitial post should be at least 200 words.
MAR4802 Lesson 16Group AssignmentRead Company Case: Proctor and Gamble Selling through Customer BusinessDevelopment, pages 469-471 in your textbook and answer the following questions:Fromthe perspective of team selling, discuss the positive as well as some possiblenegative aspects to the customer business development sales organization.1. Discuss some waysthat the CBD structure may be more effective than a single sales rep for eachstep in the personal selling process.2. It seems that P&Ghas the most effective sales force structure of any company in its industry.Why have competitors not been able to match it?Your reply must be at least 500words PLUS a minimum of 2 referencesto support your answer. You must use correct APA formatting.