What does it mean to deliver a speech that is extemporaneous and conversational in delivery style?

Whatdoes it mean to deliver a speech that is extemporaneous andconversational in delivery style? How is extemporaneous speakingdifferent from memorizing a whole speech or reading a speech verbatim,word for word, in front of a camera?Reading a speech verbatim tendsto make the audience become bored and stop listening. Additionally, aspeech that is read word for word usually does not earn a high gradewhen compared to an extemporaneously delivered speech. Why do think bothof these statements are true in this class?What will it take for you to not read your speech verbatim and deliver extemporaneous speeches in this class?(Thisquestion can be answered in 1-2 sentences, or longer if you prefer).You are encouraged to record your speeches in whatever setting works foryou (in any room, outside, or even in a car). Due to shelter in place,many of us are doing the best we can in shared spaces and with reducedoptions for privacy. Where would you feel most comfortable recordingyour speeches for this class?
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