What does prior research tell us about this group and how their experiences have been historically in schools?

For your final paper (no less than 4-pages, and no more than 6-pages), you will write about how schools work, and how they could work better for a specific historically underserved group of students that you decide upon (e.g., students who are Black, Latinx, Asian Pacific Islander, Indigenous, gender non-binary, homeless youth, disabled, have immigrant/refugee status, language learners). For your paper you will need to complete the following:• First, you must have your topic (underserved group) approved by me prior to the 4th Class week (For 8-week 1 this is the week of 9/13/21, for 8-week 2 this is the week of 11/1/21)• You must use the underserved group as the frame of your analysis throughout the paper as you discuss the main components of how schools work (stay on topic).• You need a section that includes background information (history) of how schools have not worked as well as they should have for your chosen underserved group.• You need a section that includes your conclusions and recommendations for how schools should be improved in order to better serve the group that you have chosen to focus on.• Throughout your paper you must include a discussion of the three main components of how schools work that we covered within this course (teachers, leaders, and community).A general, but flexible, guide for what to include is listed below:• Details and information (from research) about your underserved group, why you have chosen this group as your topic, and what it is that you’re trying to accomplish by investigating how schools work (or don’t) for this group. In other words, what is the purpose of your paper, why is it important for you to research and write on this topic?• How and in what ways do you see this paper being important towards your development as a teacher. Why is it important that you study this topic and how will it help you grow in your educational career?• A brief review of relevant scholarship already done on your topic. What do we already know—in general—about this group? What does prior research tell us about this group and how their experiences have been historically in schools?• The paper should be double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12pt font, with standard 1-inch margins. Please do not exceed the page limit. Please submit this assignment as a Microsoft Word document. The finalized document should include a reference page (which will not count towards your total required page count).


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