What does the literature say about immigrant resettlement programs and their effectiveness?

The Murphy Consultant Company, an independent wealthy donor, had in 2013 donated $10 million to a nonprofit organization to implement resettlement help to new immigrant and refugee families arriving in the United States. Applicants had to have arrived in the United States not more than five years prior to applying, in order to benefit from the program. New World Neighbors, a not for profit organization with several years of resettlement experience was awarded the grant. Services provided under the grant included, housing, childcare, Job training, language skills and transportation. The agency has reached the end of the grant funding period, and requires an evaluation of its program to present to the funders. In the five years since the grant was awarded, the agency claims to have served more than 300 families. You have been asked to evaluate the program. Draw up an evaluation proposal on how you will conduct the evaluation. In your proposal note the following:1. What does the literature say about immigrant resettlement programs and their effectiveness? (cite at least 2 articles that evaluated similar programs and discuss what they evaluated to show the effectiveness of the program) (1 paragraph introduction to the paper, and one paragraph on each of the articles and the research design they used- you are not looking at what they found, instead, you are interested in HOW they did it for the evaluation, and one-paragraph summary for this section)2. Methodology: Provide a description of the proposed techniques/methodology/tools to be used to conduct a comprehensive evaluation.a. What is the research question and hypothesis? (2 sentences)b. What Research Design will you use? Why? (qualitative or quantitative or mixed methods, experimental or quasi-experimental or pre-experimental, single group or more than one group, etc)c. How will you collect the data and what data will you look for? Why? (discuss what you would do- what kind of data will you collect to answer the question and how will you collect it) (1 paragraph)d. How will you determine the effectiveness or non-effectiveness? Why? (what would your data need to show for you to say it is effective, and what would the data need to show for you to say it is ineffective) (one paragraph)e. What issues of efficiency will you look for and why? (identify the variable and why) (2 sentences)f. What issues of sustainability will you look for? (identify the variable and why) (2 sentences)
Formatting- submission must be proofread and free of spelling and grammar errors, APA 7 formatting must be used (cover page, headings, margins, in-text citations, reference page, and reference listings)