What effect did this person, creation or event have on the global community?)

Sub-topic essay: In 3 to 4 paragraphs, answer the following questions:Who or what is the sub-topic? Where did he/she/it come from? What inspired this person, creation, or event? Was this person or event effected by global events?What effect did this sub-topic have on the growth or improvement of the overall topic? (For example, if Carrie Chapman Catt is the sub-topic of the women’s movement group, how did she effect the women’s movement? What effect did this person, creation or event have on the global community?)The paper must include 1.5 pages of text and a works cited using 2-4 sourcesProper grammar must be used. First person, second person, contractions are inappropriate. Points will be deducted for careless mistakes.Citations- Quotes must be cited immediately at the end of the sentence containing the quote.Paraphrased information must be cited at the end of the paragraph in the order that the sources appeared if using more than one.In-text citations should be shorter than the full citation on the works cited but there must be some identifying word that connects each source to its unique citation on the works cited.There must be a works cited that includes full bibliographic information for every source mentioned within the body of the paper. If it is in the paper it must be on the works cited. If it is on the works cited it must be used in the paper.If the paper is not correctly cited the student will receive a 0 for the final paperLink to Group project instructions In class VideoClick the above video link for some verbal and visual instructions about the group project