. What happens to property/investment at the end of the ground lease term?

You and two business partners are considering the purchase of the following commercial investment property:Commercial Property:-Estimated purchase price: $600,000 (building only)-Type of property: Mixed-use-Units: 3 residential second-floor Apts. – (A) 1,500 sq. ft., (B) 1,250 sq. ft and (C) 850 sq. ft.-3 retail ground floor Units, with separate entrances, 1,200 sq. ft. each.Lease Information:-Residential Apartments: All residential units are rented.-Retail Units-annual rental revenues: Each Retail Unit is under a month-to-month gross (MTM) lease.Other Information:-The property is subject to a 50 years ground lease (all property interests reverts to the seller at the end of the ground lease). The property purchaser with pay the seller an annual ground lease payment of $20,000.-Each investor will purchase a 1/3 interest in the investment.
Answer Questions below please
Provide your business partners with the following information:1. What type of leasehold estate is a ground lease?2. What happens to property/investment at the end of the ground lease term?3. Identify the various commercial lease types that may be used for the RETAIL Tenants.4. Which commercial lease type identified in item 3 above would you recommend that may provide greater rental income by charging common area maintenance costs (CAM) to the RETAIL tenants.5. List the different ways to hold title in the investment.6. Provide a recommendation as to how to hold the property title that will be acceptable to all business partners/investors.