What interest areas do you see, and which is the most appealing to you and why?

Answer Both Questions:
Background Information:Observers must learn to use positive, descriptive language when recording what they have seen and heard. This is especially important when writing anecdotes and running records, but the principles of descriptive language actually apply to all of the different methods of recording.
Although children’s behaviors usually do not fit neatly into only one of these developmental domains, it is important for educators to be able to “break down” what they are observing to make sure that they are gathering significant information about the whole range of each child’s overall development.
When educators record their observations – about children, the physical environment, parents, or even themselves- they gather raw data. It is important that this information be recorded in objective, descriptive, positive language so that educators can use it for the next step, analysis.
Observation QuestionReview and watch a class session from an online learning session from our CDEC center.
You have two options.
ZOOM Class : https://msjc-edu.zoom.us/rec/play/usPIHYy25J5T5yI8eQNz0S0oVKD09lYTD2VVvaiS99DLjkvPc9DgwDueahQDvGxf_1pnMug3cITMJQ06.G7T8Hw6P6ikrqqGA?startTime=1612477894000
Class Session 2: https://cccconfer.zoom.us/rec/share/zJdWBu_Ip0RIRKPf6UfjCowvQr7haaa80CgXqftbmkezM7gYMpzE804QsjgIOTLw
Pick one child to focus on – You may want to scroll through first just to get a sense of the session and identify a child who is shown frequently – then later watch for details of that child.Using some of the best practices in the learning unit-Objectively document the child’s physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and language development in each domain. Please include at least four paragraphs.Reflect on what you learned about the child and their culture? Include a 1-2 paragraph summary.Reflect on what you learned about the skill of observation and assessment. What are some challenges that may arise, and what are some strategies you might use when you observe? Include a 1 paragraph summary.
Environments Question:
Take a look at MCCC CDEC virtual classroom https://www.seedsofpartnership.org/hqele/hqele-explorePanorama.html based on the following criteria. Look at the panorama and visually explore the classroom as if you were walking/touring the classroom. Look at interest centers and how they are set up. View each RED DOT “hotspot”. Ask yourself why certain materials are being offered and why they are placed where they are. Look for ideas you could use in your classroom. Consider furniture arrangement, type of furniture, materials, material arrangement, accessibility for all learners to the materials, ways to document, displays of art, open space, decor, etc. MCCC CEC Panorama, https://www.seedsofpartnership.org/hqele/hqele-explorePanorama.html “What stands out for me in the classroom?”Give two examples.What interest areas do you see, and which is the most appealing to you and why?“What considerations should I have for students with disabilities?” Cite the module“What is the weakness in this classroom? Cite the moduleDo you see examples of culture added in this classroom? If not, what could be added to this classroom to support culture? Link your responses to the module learning unit.
Make sure that you: Respond in-depth with a minimum of at least 500 wordsInclude three relevant citations from the weekly textbook readingInclude connections to the textbook reading and lectures for each questionInclude a personal reflection and examples on the readingsDo not copy and paste any information from the internetProperly cite any sources using APA formatting (p. 10).Respond to at least two peer posts with a comment, question, or additional information that will elicit additional discussion (at least 1 to 2 paragraphs)
How to cite your source using APA format If you are directly quoting from a work, you must include the author, year of publication, and page number for the reference (preceded by “p.”). Introduce the quotation with a signal phrase that includes the author’s last name followed by the publication date in parentheses.
Here is an example:
According to Jones (1998), “Students often had difficulty using APA style, especially when it was their first time” (p. 199).

Free OER Required Text
Preschool Learning Foundations: All Volumes
The California Preschool Learning Foundations describes competencies—knowledge and skills—that most children can be expected to exhibit in a high-quality program as they complete their first or second year of preschool
California Preschool Curriculum Frameworks All Volumes Click here for freematerialsCreated as companion volumes to the California Preschool LearningFoundations, the California Preschool Curriculum Frameworks present strategiesfor early childhood educators that enrich learning and developmentopportunities for all of California’s preschool children
Book: Introduction to Curriculum for Early Childhood Education ( Paris andBeeve)Learning about how to effectively plan curriculum for young children.