What is access control or network access control (NAC)?

Assignment Paper InstructionsFor every assignment:Read the directions carefully. Ensure that your assignment addresses all of the points given and questions asked.Do some research online beyond what is covered in class and in the textbook.Write 1-2 single-spaced pages, excluding titles, and citations.Write in a technical, professional style.Include a list of URLs and other resources you used for research.Citations need only be the name of an article and its URL. 20% point deduction for assignments with no URLs.You may submit Word, PDF, or plain text documents.You should upload your assignment to the correct D2L dropbox by the given due date.Paper 8: Access Control and VPNQuestion 1:What is access control or network access control (NAC)? Why do systems employ access controls and what is its role in a network? What are virtual private networks? Why do organizations require the use of VPNs?