What is in the foreground, middle ground and background?

Describe everything you SEE in the painting, Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh. Please be as descriptive as possible.How large is the painting? (What are the actual dimensions?)What is the medium of the painting?(What is the painting made from?)What is going on in the painting?How many celestial bodies are there?About how many houses are there? Are there any other identifiable structures?What is in the foreground, middle ground and background?What colors are used?Describe the brush strokes.Part 2: (up to 5 points): 50 words minimum: Please look at Chapter 3 in the textbook for this section.
Define the vocabulary term COLOR SCHEME in your own words.Please give examples of three different color schemes.While you may see evidence of several color schemes in Starry Night, describe what the overall color scheme you see in the artwork.Please provide supporting evidence of the color scheme you have selected.How does the color scheme affect the work?Part 3: (up to 10 points):200 words minimum: ( Please look at Chapter 5: Evaluating Art to help you with these questions. This section will require research. Please list at least two or more URL links of research at the bottom)
What are Expressive Theories of art criticism? (Hint: this theory includes more than just emotions or feelings.)Please provide a short biography of the artist, Vincent van Gogh in your own words. When did he begin to paint? Was he a successful painter? Where was he staying at the time this work was created?Putting it together, how would van Gogh’s life affect his artwork? What are some insights that you can draw?
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On topicFollowed the directions of the assignment,To earn full points, please provide more than the minimum number of words and more detailProvided citation for researched information.Add at least two or more URL links at the bottom of your response. All information that is not common knowledge should be cited.Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalizationIntegrity towards the assignment