What is the difference between the State and a Nation?

Read the first two paragraph to answer the first discussion with the two qoute in cluded and answer the 2nd discussion form in your own knowledge. in the first discussion forum use the paragraph and the second one is your own understanding on that question.The Divine Right of Kings, as a prominent and legitimate form of governance in Europe, was a relatively cooperative partnership between and Kings and the Catholic church where both parties claimed that their power to rule was given to them directly from the “Lord”. In effect, because there was no access to the mind of God, their claims of legitimate leadership can also be seen to be based on their actual position of leadership. Although some Kings or Catholic Clergy members claimed to have direct access to god, their leadership roles can also be seen as a simple reaffirmation of their position; a circular argument that claimed their position of leadership was based on their position of leadership. In any case, it worked for a substantial amount of time in order to maintain the power of Kings and the Roman Catholic clergy in certain parts of Europe.All of this started to come undone when ideas from Natural Law and The Liberal Enlightenment began to express that all men were rational and could govern themselves. It must be noted here that other changes were also happening on the ground that contributed to this change in “worldview”. This essentially meant that the general citizenry in these Kingdoms should have the power to govern themselves in the form of Popular Sovereignty. Of course, this change in mindset did not mean that changes actually occurred automatically or that every future state would be a reflection of the democratic aspirations of “The People”. In fact, there were many years from Natural Laws’ first claims of Man’s Rationality until the Liberal and Democratic aspirations of a decentralized government, religious freedom, and the constitutional rights of all citizens became a reality…Online Discussion ForumsPlease see and complete the 2 Online Discussion Forums below1- Please tell me whether you think the two quotes in the attached files in this Ilearn section (TJ and James 1) reflect Divine Right or Popular Sovereignty. Why?
2- What is the difference between the State and a Nation? Can you give a current example of a Nation that may have a positive or negative influence on governance, and how the government is dealing with “it”?