What is the message in this text, or what is the lesson it teaches us?

Rhetorical Analysis Essay – Graduation by Maya Angelouyou can find the reading here: https://eng101wlac.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/graduation.pdfThe prompt: Your task is to write a four to six page thesis-driven paper that makes an analytical argument about a text and its use of rhetoric. Compose and support an analytical argument about a text, using textual evidence and explanation.– What is the message in this text, or what is the lesson it teaches us?– How does this text get this message or lesson across?
Organization:Your introduction will introduce your essay, the text, and your argument.At the end of your intro, we will see your argument, aka your thesis, which will answer the questions above.Your essay’s body paragraphs will bring support to what we see in your thesis.Include a single, cohesive summary paragraph, in which you summarize the text in its entirety.Include three to five body paragraphs in which you include textual evidence in support of your thesis.Your conclusion will wrap up your essay, bringing it to a close.By the end of your essay, we should feel it has a purpose.Point of view:Use third (he, she, they, it) person point of view only. (First person “we” or “us” is okay, provided it is in the context we have discussed in class.)Do not use first (I) second person (you) pov.Language and sentence structure:Use a variety of sentence types that include concise language and action words.Page length:Final draft will be at least four full pages and no more than six pages.6-7 paragraphs and about 2-3 quotes per paragraph*Note:Please notice that I have not asked you to tell me what the author wants to convey. Notice that I have not asked you what the reader experiences. Your task here is not to convey author intent or reader experience. Instead, I want you to make an analytical assertion about the text’s message as seen through your reading, and then support your claim with evidence and explanation.Please also notice that I am not asking you to name rhetorical devices. While you certainly may do so, the purpose of this assignment is not to memorize rhetorical strategies or devices. Instead, I want you to step in as a college reader and make a claim that you can stand behind. Relying on discussion of rhetorical devices is limiting to your argument and, more importantly, to the development of your skills as a college writer.