What is the purpose of writing in academic form?

•What is the purpose of writing in academic form? Who is the intended audience?
•Have you used academic writing? How does the sample paper compare to past essays you’ve written or read?
•What are the strengths of a 5-paragraph essay? What are its limitations?
•How does this genre compare to other forms of writing in your everyday life?


Write a paper on the anxiety that come with math problem solving, why student have anxiety when it comes to math, and ways to work thru said anxiety.

Describe the benefits of diversity and inclusion for you and for the Texas A&M campus community.

What was your initial and final reaction to the film?

Compare and contrast the following four major schools of thought following Aristotle’s death, namely, Skepticism, Epicureanism, Stoicism, and Neo-Platonism, in what ways their ideas continue to impact today’s world?

Discuss the rise of the labor movement in late 19th century America.

Discuss some of the social and economic changes that have occurred among urban dwellers in the past 20 years.

Discuss the ethical, moral and legal issues raised in the film.

Discuss differentiation (Links to an external site.) of instruction in Math, Science and Social Studies in an LBD classroom.

Identify and describe the six elements that facilitate strategic conversations.

Write a reflect on historiography and history by drawing on secondary and primary materials .