What is the specific problem to be addressed in the case study?

1. Define the problem presented in the case study? What is the specific problem to be addressed in the case study? what are the underlying causes of the problem? Why did it occur in the first place?2. Background: Provide a background of the problem. what has been said, researched, or documented about this type of problem in the industry? How common is the problem in the industry? what are some practices and approaches taken by organizations facing a similar problem? Use journal articles, press releases, corporate reports, and any data you can find on the topic.3. Solutions: Now that you have identified the problems and provided background, you will present solutions and justify them. What solutions can you offer? Why did you decide on these solutions? How feasible are your solutions? How can you ensure your solutions will address this problem? What methodology or structure are you going to follow to implement these solutions? How are you going to implement your solutions? what are some drawbacks or limitations of your solutions in addressing the problem?4. Conclusions: Rephrase your problem and its impact. Briefly explain the background and existing practices. Summarize your solutions and their implicatios for the industry.