What is your interpretation of the impact the pandemic has had on businesses and organizations on a global scale?

Whatis your interpretation of the impact the pandemic has had on businessesand organizations on a global scale?Thereare nine key HR competencies. Which two do you feel are the mostimportant? Include an explanation for each.Whatdo you understand has been the biggest changes for human resource leadersbased on the pandemic?Recruitmentand retention has been an ongoing challenge for businesses throughout thepandemic. Develop a comparison of what the job market looked like beforethe pandemic to what it looks like now. Also include your prediction ofwhat will happen in the next 1-5 years regarding recruitment andretention. Feel free to select example positions or job fields in yourpost.Evaluatethe technology changes that have made an impact to human resources overthe past 20 years. Provide a summary of your interpretation of howtechnology has changed human resources as well as the impact that has beenmade for employees.Researchoptions for HRIS (human resource information systems) as if you have beenassigned to a team to evaluate options for your organization. Post yourrecommendation for software as well as explain what your softwareselection will be able to do for the human resources team.Whatdo you think about the current trend of “silent resignation?”Sometimesleaders do not understand the value of emotional intelligence and how theway you interact with employees can impact productivity. What is youropinion of the need for emotional intelligence in the workplace?