What Is Your Leadership Philosophy?

NTENTThis semester, you’ve done a lot of reading, and you’ve shared your ideas through ongoingDiscussion Board forums. Now, the time has come for you to put it all together: What Is YourLeadership Philosophy? As you develop your philosophy, you need to make certain that itincorporates your beliefs about:▪ Servant leadership▪ Ethical Leadership▪ Articulating a Vision▪ Building a Team▪ Leading with Goals▪ Making Decisions▪ Guiding through Conflict▪ Realizing Change▪ Empowering Others
EXPECTATIONSWhat I expect from you is YOUR Leadership Philosophy.▪ Do NOT regurgitate ideas from the assigned readings and talks.
▪ Demonstrate your ability to take all of the seemingly disparate facets ofleadership and put them together into one Leadership Philosophy that is yoursand yours alone.