What kind of training do officers receive to interact with vicious animals?

Your research proposal essay must be 500 – 530 words, and it must be based on the topic that you have been researching since the class began.-1 point for each word short of 500 words.Type the essay in Times New Roman, font 12, double-spaced***You are allowed to use first person pronouns in this essay; you are NOT allowed to use contractions or any second person pronounsEssay Directions:Student NameENG 102Research ProposalDr. Lowery2 February 2019Title – Topic SelectedOverviewThis is where you write an overview of the topic that you have been researching. State the problem you are investigating and why we should all care about it. Give some background for this problem…how did it get started, when did it get started, who is possibly responsible, events that have happened to escalate this problem? This part of the proposal convinces me that you have read several articles thoroughly about this topic and have a basic understanding of the content. How does this problem affect people in society? The information used in this essay should be general knowledge and should not be cited.Purpose StatementThis part of the essay is where you will type your purpose statement. It will look something like this. The purpose of this research is to examine vicious dog laws and how their ineffectiveness actually acts as a reinforcement of the problem rather than a solution. The rest of this paragraph should go into detail about those questions and concerns you have about the issues or problems with this topic. From the sources you have already read, what specific points are these sources stating that are relevant to your thesis statement.Give five questions about your topic that are NOT answered with a yes/no answer. There should be no easy answers for the problem you have identified. You do need to be sure to list 5 questions. Be sure that you have actually read your articles before listing these questions. Please present your questions like this. In order to investigate the ineffectiveness of vicious dog laws, I will ask questions such as the following:What kind of training do officers receive to interact with vicious animals?Who gets to decide which dogs fall under the “vicious” category and why?Why would law enforcement officials be contacted instead of animal control officers?How does owner responsibility play into the vicious dog issue?What funds and personnel are needed to better support governments in preventing vicious dog problems?Research PlanThis part of the paper is where you specifically talk about the steps of your investigation. What sources (databases and websites) have you already looked into? What seems to be the most beneficial sources that you have read and where did you find these sources (specific database (ITALICIZE database names; put QUOTES around article titles) / specific website)? What do you like or dislike about the sources you have found so far?
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