What kinds of activities are they most often depicted as being engaged in?

Class Reading and DiscussionI. Please read Warner pp. 299-313 and Rothenburg pp. 40-46, 76-81, 95-100, 333-335, 547-549, and 600-605. Then watch this presentation by Michael Kimmel:Why gender equality is good for everyone (Links to an external site.)Using the readings and presentation as a framework, please discuss how patriarchy works to disempower women in the United States. According to Kimmel, how is gender equality good for everyone? In the Warner reading, Johnson reflects, “When we openly pass up a path of least resistance, we increase resistance for other people around that path because now they must reconcile their choice with what they have seen us do, something they did not have to deal with before.” How does Johnson’s statement relate to Kimmel’s video?II. Anthropological Perspectives on Gender Roles in the United States TodayImagine that you are an anthropologist from another planet has been assigned to study gender roles on earth. Anthropologists often look at cultural representations and artifacts to understand a society’s social structure, roles, norms, and values. Based on the magazine ad your group has “found,” what can you conclude about normative gender roles in US society in the current year? The ad can be taken from what are considered mainstream or best-selling popular magazines (i.e. Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Maxim, Time, etc.)Scan and upload one magazine ad and use it to address the questions below.
A. Based on the ad, what function or purpose do women seem to serve in this society?B. What kinds of activities are they most often depicted as being engaged in?C. What kinds of behaviors seem to be expected of them?D. For what kinds of traits, characteristics, or skills are they most valued?E. Are there double or conflicting messages being sent?F. What is the relationship between the product being sold and the picture in the ad?G. Is the use of the body in the picture relevant to the product in any way? If not, what then is being communicated about the body (or about gender) in the ad, regardless of what item is being advertised?III. Once you do points I and II, reply to THREE of your classmates’ initial posts and address the following questions about your classmates’ ads:What can you conclude about women’s and men’s roles in the society from the ads?What can you conclude about women’s and men’s status in the society from the ads.
Points I and II A-G must be completed by no later than Thursday of this week and should be at least 600 words. The balance of responses in Part III must be completed by no later than Saturday of this week at 11:59pm. Each response should be at least 100 words.