What life-threatening problems can result from a poorly managed ulcer?

After chopping wood for about two hours on a hot but breezy afternoon, John stumbled into the house and then fainted. His T-shirt was wringing wet with perspiration, and his pulse was faint and rapid. Was he suffering from heatstroke or heat exhaustion? Explain your reasoning, and note what you should do to help John recover.Joshua is hospitalized with bacterial pneumonia. When you visit him, his teeth are chattering, his skin is cool and clammy to the touch, and he complains of feeling cold even though his room is quite warm. Explain his symptoms.A young woman is put through an extensive battery of tests to determine the cause of her stomach pains. She was diagnosed with gastric ulcers. An anti-histamine drug is prescribed, and she is sent home. What is the mechanism of her medications? What life-threatening problems can result from a poorly managed ulcer? Why did the clinic doctor warn the woman not to take aspirin?Continuing from the previous question, the woman’s ulcer got worse. She started complaining of back pain. The physician discovered that the back pain occurred because the pancreas was now damaged. Use logic to deduce how a perforating gastric ulcer could come to damage the pancreas.Ryan, a 6-year-old child who is allergic to milk, has extremely bowed legs. What condition do you suspect, and what is the connection to not drinking milk?A new mother is worried about her week-old infant. The baby has begun to turn blue whenever she is fed and chokes during each feeding. What developmental abnormality do you suspect, and how will it be corrected?Every year dozens of elderly people are found dead in their unheated apartments-victims of hypothermia. What is hypothermia, and how does it kill?Important Read and answer the questions