What might have caused this company to have to manipulate financial information?

ACCT – 486QUESTION #1 – 100 WORDS AND 1 SOURCEReview the “Financial Analysis – A Study.” https://www.iosrjournals.org/iosr-jef/papers/vol2-issue3/B0231022.pdfThe authors discuss eight reasons financial analysis is significant. Choose one of those eight items and discuss how the authors supported the case for the purpose for performing financial analysis. Offer your personal perspective regarding whether you agree or disagree with the authors’ position.QUESTION #2 – 100 WORDS AND 1 SOURCEReview the topic material, “Analyzing the Financial Statement Using Horizontal-Vertical Analysis to Evaluate the Company’s Financial Performance Period 2012-2016.” https://ejournal.unsrat.ac.id/index.php/emba/article/viewFile/18270/18194The authors provide four charts to visually summarize their findings. Using Figure 2, 3, 4, or 5, add at least two points the authors did not address regarding the performance of the company based on the data presented in the chart.QUESTION #3 – 100 WORDS AND 1 SOURCEIdentify the accounts receivable section for the company you are investigating for your Financial Statement Analysis Report. After reviewing this information, explain how accounts receivable can impact liquidity and solvency ratios. Additionally, you may notice some companies use total receivables instead of net receivables. Discuss how this distinction might impact the calculation and liquidity analysis. Provide an example and describe how bad debt affects liquidity and solvency ratios.COMPANY: KROGERQUESTION #4 – 100 WORDS AND 1 SOURCETypically, there are signs to indicate a business is failing, forcing the business to claim bankruptcy, seek financial help from the courts to pay debts, or go out of business. Using your knowledge of liquidity and solvency, find an annual report of a company that went out of business and analyze the financial statements to determine if you could tell the business was going to fail. In your response, discuss your findings and why you think those items lead to the demise of the organization and include any indications to management that changes needed to be made. Examples of high-profile companies that went out of business include Toys-R-Us, Blockbuster, Tower Records, Pan Am, Borders, Pets.com, and Compaq.QUESTION #5 – 100 WORDS AND 1 SOURCEBefore investors, lenders, and prospective customers associate with a company they will consider the company’s financial reports and try to project the future profitability of a company. Current and prospective employees are also incentivized by potential profit sharing of a successful company. These and other factors serve as reasons for a company to manipulate financial reports to project unrealistic or even false earnings. Provide an example of a company that has previously committed financial fraud. Answer the following questions when considering the surrounding circumstances of the company:1. Is it ever ethical or necessary for a company to manipulate their profitability? Why or why not?2. What might have caused this company to have to manipulate financial information?3. What was the ultimate outcome for this company?QUESTION #6 – 100 WORDS AND 1 SOURCEManagement of a company’s inventory can influence the overall profitability of a business. Provide an example of company that has mismanaged inventory and discuss how these mistakes inevitably affected their profitability. Assume you work for this company and the CEO approached you and asked for advice on how to improve the inventory management from an accounting/financial perspective. Provide at least two recommendations you would offer the CEO.QUESTION #7 – 100 WORDS AND 1 SOURCELocate the financial statements for a publicly traded company that provides segmented financial information. Prepare an overview of what is revealed about the company through its segmented data. Discuss the benefits of reporting financial information this way. Provide a link to the financial statements with your initial post and include the company name in the subject line.QUESTION #8 – 100 WORDS AND 1 SOURCELocate the income statement of three companies in different industries, such as an airline, discount retailer, restaurant, auto manufacturer, etc. Calculate at least three profitability ratios for each company, such as gross profit margin, net profit margin, return on assets, or operating profit margin. Discuss the differences you find between industries and why you think those differences exist.***NO PLAGIARISM ****** 100 WORDS AND 1 SOURCE EACH QUESTION ***