What needs to change in order for our country’s population to accept health care reform at any level?

Submit three (minimum) to four (maximum) pages of content, double spaced, APA 7 formatted paper (not including the title page and reference page double spaced with 1″ margins; no extra line spaces) in Times New Romans 12 point black font M.S. Word document for the assignment below on the Analysis of the U.S. Health Care System. Points will be deducted if your content is even one line under three full pages or if over four full pages. You must submit the assignment in WORD format (then file name will end with .doc or .docx); no pdf’s or any other format will be accepted. Write the paper in third person (no “I”, “you”, etc.). Refer to the grading rubric for Final Critical Analysis Assignment in the Syllabus. You will need to cite and reference information from your textbook, a youtube video of your choice on this topic, and from at least one (or more) peer reviewed Journal Articles written within the last five years related to the Analysis of the U.S. Health Care System (Hint: Use the Librarians as a Resource to help you locate a peer reviewed journal and your APA LIBRARY LINK below to be sure all are cited and referenced in perfect APA 7 format). For this assignment, you will need to do some Library Research. Go to the SCF online library and limit your Search to articles from peer reviewed journals written within the last five years (Academic Research Complete is a good database). (Your Borrower ID is your “G00 number” and your “4 digit PIN” that were both assigned to you by the college). Title your paper Module 5: Critical Analysis V. Include ALL 8 of the sub-topics below in your paper (precede each paragraph with an APA Level One Heading; then write at least one complete paragraph of 4-6 complete sentences about each sub- topic listed below under their Level I Heading (there should be 8 Level I Headings and 8 paragraphs); cite each paragraph); see the tab for how to format this from the APA Library Link below. Only 1/3 of the information for this paper should come from your textbook. The other 2/3 of the information should come from the youtube video and journal article you chose.Highlights of the U.S. Health Care SystemHealth InformaticsClinical Decision Support Systems (CDSSs)Healthcare TrendsMental HealthCultural Competency and AwarenessCompare the U.S. Health Care System with the Health Care Systems of other CountriesUniversal Healthcare (Single-payer system)What needs to change in order for our country’s population to accept health care reform at any level? Is a single payer system the only way (if so how would you propose to pay for it>do not just say “the government will pay for it” because the government is already in heavy debt and is broke)? Discuss information in your textbook and how you would address these issues.Manuscripts need to be written in third person for APA, so write this assignment in third person voice (no “I”, no “you”, etc.). Instead of “I believe” write This author believes (when referring to yourself or the author of a book or journal article) or Niles (2021) found…Cite from all three sources several times throughout the paper (each of the 8 topics need to have their own Level one APA heading and paragraph; each paragraph needs at least one APA citation).