What other important biological factors do we know about Mr. Moore?

Edit the papers with teachers suggestions.
Draft 11. Good work on your ecomap identifying the systems that influenced Wes. Be sure to identify which of these systemsyou will be focusing on in your assignment. Additionally, please provide annotations for how these systemsinfluenced Wes. See page 41 in your textbook for an example of what this looks like. Also, add a key for thegenogram as well so we understand what those symbols mean.2. You did a great job covering a lot of the current biological challenges that Mr. Moore is encountering. What otherimportant biological factors do we know about Mr. Moore? His race, age? Since you are focusing on juveniledelinquincy, is there anything from his youth that you’d like to include in this section? What was his health like as achild, was he active? What about substance abuse at a young age? Any other genetic factors that may have affectedhim
Draft 2Theory – Please include an explanation of the theory and cite where you get that information. I recommend using your textbook. I left a comment on the quote you cite – please flesh that our more and apply it to Wes Moore. What crisis did he face and how did it affect his virtues?Literature – Please review the feedback I left and clarify the connections between the research and application to Wes Moore. There are some missing details that need to be re-worked and included to clarify what you are trying to say.Some of your sentences include some very strong language that feels judgmental. We want to be careful not to make judgments about behaviors when we are analyzing them, working to understand them, and help our clients. I have pointed out several sentences for you to re-work with this in mind.Additionally, I recommend you use your final sentence of the lit section to inform the intervention that you think would help Wes. Try to find an intervention that addresses how to intervene with youth who are exposed to violence and drug dealing from their siblings and community – and how to help them to make different choices.
1. Running Head:2. Tab down to new page3. Highlight which area you are focusing on.4. cite where you are summarizing the theory from.5. this quote needs some more explanation and linking to the other Wes Moore – what crisis did he face and how did itaffect his virtues?6. Dunn (Year)7. Is Dunn a single researcher or are there others you need to cite?8. clarify this – were the children exhibiting behaviors or experiencing them? what does the word similar mean here?9. How? What is the link between the older siblings and the younger siblings?10. How does it explain it? I am still missing the link here.11. I did not see any mention in the research about a sibling’s “character” – do you mean his behavior (drug use)?12. Remember the purpose of this assignment and the purpose of social work. Please reframe this sentence so that it alignswith the research and ethics of social work.13. can you say more about how personality influenced this?14. What was the drug dealing associated with in white youths? Please include this in your summary of the research.15. Again this is really harsh language that does not seem to reflect your role as an expert and social worker writing toOfficer Beckman. Please reframe this sentence so that it aligns with social work practice and ethics.16. “he was learned” is not grammatically correct.how could he have made better decisions? perhaps this is what your intervention could focus on – how to intervenewith youth who are exposed to violence and drug dealing to make difference choices.