What percentage of humanity does Cain annihilate when he kills Abel?

For this writing assignment, you will only be sharing what you have written with me. That is to say, this is not a pubic Discussion post. With that, I encourage you to share as much as you can of the meaning, importance, and questions you may have regarding this early Biblical content.This writing assignment is focused on (1) the “Introduction,” Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 from The Hebrew Bible as Lilterature (A Very Short Introduction) as well as the first 25-chapters of Bereshit / “Genesis.”I recommend taking reading notes that will help inform this writing assignment.I ask that you begin considering the following questions and points from your engagement and understanding of the literal text (and feel free to engage any of the topics and themes below in your written assignment):Is the God of Bereshit / “Genesis” anthropomorphized? That is, does this God have any human qualities? For example, does the text mention anything like God walks, talks, and interacts with the manifest world in ways that resemble the ways in which we engage life and having a body?Based on the first book of the Bible, what does God “look” like for you as a textually informed image?How many times are humans created in the early part of Bereshit / “Genesis”?Prior to Eve, what does God attempt to pair Adam with as a “partner”?Can God be considered the parent/father of Adam and Eve?Prior to Cain killing Abel, how many humans were on Earth, according to the narrative?What percentage of humanity does Cain annihilate when he kills Abel?Which characters engage in cruel or terrible acts?How do you feel about reading that all of humanity is slaughtered during the Flood of Noah? Would you feel the same way if such an event occurred today — with analogs being events like Hurricane Katrina, and the tsunamis of southeast Asia and more recently in Fukushima, Japan?Compared to “The Descent of Inanna” and the selection from “Gilgamesh,” where has the Divine Feminine / Goddess gone as we now read from the Bible?Is the Divine in the Bible Masculine or Feminine?This post is for up to 30-points, is to be between 300-400 words, not including quoted material nor the related in-text citations (MLA format)