What personal challenges do you face in achieving your goals?

*Please fill free to BS this paper makes it the best of the best please lol*Some of the questions asked im not sure but I will provide as much info as I can to help you out!
Provide a one- to two-paged typed, double-spaced goal statement that includes the following:Description of your current jobDescription of current and past health care experience, if any.What are your career goals?How will the HCA program help you in achieving these goals?Why are you applying to OSU’s HCA program?What personal strengths will help you attain your goals?What personal challenges do you face in achieving your goals?Current job – unemployedPast experience- volunteered at a clinic for 2 years as a administration assistantYouth guidance specialist at a juvenile treatment centerBSL providerGraduated in 2016 with a medical office assistant career diplomaGraduated with a bs in interdisciplinary studies minor in biologyCareer goals is- CEO– Personal strength is that I am focused and discipline and well-rounded for today’s workplace. My degree is a multipurpose degree which is why I opt out from biology fully I like that my degree is well rounded I have studied in not only science but education and marketing. I am familiar with the biological side of things and medical terminology as well as the marketing aspect of the healthcare field and the educational I feel this put me at an advantage because I can come into health care from 3 different ways.However, I have worked for a fortune 500 company as a manager (Ryder) and gained professional training in sales, marketing not related to healthcare more on a management perspectiveIn college I was one of 8 students to organize a safe place for students of the LGBTQ community to hang and receive resources provided by the intuitionChallenges I could possibly face is my lack of work within the field and financial burdens covid has really affected my job and lack of ability to get back into school. But I’m ready to get back into the swing of things