What populations within your community are especially vulnerable?

Prepare a community assessment of the community in which you live and include the following:· Details of the community (i.e., demographics, race, ethnicity, income, education)· What inequities exist? Choose one of the inequities and describe in detail with relation to the rest of the state and nation.· Research community outreach programs involved in correcting the inequity.· What populations within your community are especially vulnerable?· What, if any, recent policy changes have been put in place to mitigate the inequity?· Contact a local professional who is involved in public health and interview them. Provide person’s name and position and give a summary of the interview.· What are the projections for the future?· Are any complementary healing modalities available locally?· Provide possible solutions (at least 3) to the inequity.This is to be an APA formatted paper, with title page and references properly formatted. Scholarly papers need to include a minimum of 3-5 references within the last 5 years.This assignment will be submitted below through Canvas and automatically run through TurnItIn. Please click here for more information on TurnItIn: TurnItIn ResourcesThe following content is partner providedThe preceding content is partner provided