What preconditions favor or impede democracy?

After carefully reading Moore Jr., Lipset, Acemoglu & Robinson, and Inglehart & Welzel, and develop a 750-word (this is minimum word count; you can write more but not less) response to the following question:What preconditions favor or impede democracy? That is, “What social and economic forces [push] some societies toward regimes with greater political equality…”? (Acemoglu & Robinson 2006, 17)In other words, identify, illustrate, and discuss all the conditions and pre-conditions the different authors argue lead toward or away from democracy. The focus of your analysis is on those conditions that are both necessary and sufficient for a country to become a democracy.I encourage you to develop a concept map like the ones we’ve developed in class or the ones you find in the readings, particularly for Acemoglu & Robinson’s chapter.