What role did white supremacy play in Texas decision to seceded?

Shortly after the election of Abraham Lincoln South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union (Dec. 1861). Within six months the remainder of southern states followed. Texas seceded on Feb. 1st.https://www.tsl.texas.gov/ref/abouttx/secession/2feb1861.html (Links to an external site.)Carefully study the Texas Ordinance of Secession. Answer the following questions thoughtfully:In your opinion, what was the most important reason that Texas seceded? Provide evidence.What role did white supremacy play in Texas decision to seceded? Provide evidence from the reading.3. White supremacy long played a systemic role in American institutions. From Jim Crow laws where states formally legalized segregation based on race, to the GI Bill which gave returning white soldiers from WWII access to guaranteed low interest mortgage loans, but which were denied to African American servicemen, and through the Civil Rights struggles during the end of the 1960’s. But, at what point does institutional racism cease to exist?Your #3 question: A great debate we face today in American society is at point does institutional racism cease to exist? Did it just shut off Immediately after the Civil Rights laws were passed in the 1960’s? Did it linger into the 1980’s? 2000’s? Does it cease to exist today? Please keep this discussion respectful and academic.Your initial post is due by 11:59pm on Thursday, Jan 6th. Your replies are due by 11:59pm on Jan 8th.