What she says about the Literature review.

What she says about the Literature review. She wants us to fix them and remove the secondary sources.Much of your submission required editing and altering. There are several articles that need to be removed from this review because they are secondary sources. Systematic reviews do not belong in your literature review. When reviewing the literature one needs to be consistent with what you are reviewing. Since you had many more original research articles than systematic reviews, you need to stick with just the original research. Please have someone read your work prior to your submission. There were a few instances where you were attempting to paraphrase your articles but had the sentences make no sense. For example, you used the word victim instead of a patient. Please read through my comments on the attached file and make all the necessary changes for your final submission. Also, make the appropriate changes to your table. I suggest reorganizing this chapter and the table in chronological order. You will probably need to rewrite your discussion to be consistent with the articles reviewed since a few need to be eliminated. I will extend the discussion assignment so you can redo it and have it for me by the end of this week.