What skills do you typically use and are there opportunities to develop more skills or take on additional responsibilities?

Assignment Requirements:·For the informational interview project, youwill ask interview questions for a person working in a position or career fieldwith an international focus or global component of interest to you (SportsAgent).·Thoroughlyresearch the organization and career field to help you compile more specific/relevantinterview questions.·Choose atleast six questions from down below that you intend to ask during theinformational interview. Your questions should elicit responses that assist youin gaining a better understanding of the career/career field, the organizationand/or the process of securing work in a similar position. See sample questionsbelow.·Sample questions you may ask during yourinterview, but feel free to come up with your own questions as well.
oHow did you decide to work in this field?oWhat is your educational background?oWhat is a typical workday like for you?oWhat do you like most about your job?oWhat is the most challenging aspect of your job?oWhat skills do you typically use and are thereopportunities to develop more skills or take on additional responsibilities?oWhat is the typical hiring process like?oWhat is a typical career path for someone inyour line of work?oHow secure is employment in this field?oWhat kind of background and training does aperson need to enter this field?oWhat is it like to work at this organization?oWhat advice would you give an emergingprofessional in this field?
·Finally, submit a 2-3 page, double-spacedinformational interview paper following the outline below as a Word or pdfdocument.
Informational Interview Paper Guidelines:
1. Introduction (1/2 page) – 4 points·Includea brief overview of your process of selecting the career field you chose and theindividual you interviewed. (1 point)·Brieflydescribe how the career field matches your skills, interests, and values. (1point)·Includethe full name, job title, employer/organization name, and location of theperson you interviewed. (1 point)·Includethe date, time, and method/technology platform used to meet with the individualyou interviewed. (1 point)
2.Summarize Your Informational Interview(1-1 ½ pages) – 6 points·Include atleast six of your questions and a brief summary of the interviewee’sresponses to each question. (6 points)
3.Conclusion (1/2 page) – 5 pointsInclude your responses tothe following questions in your final paragraph:·Do you possess or can you acquire the necessaryskills to be successful in this career field? (1 point)·Would you be comfortable working in this position/organization/location?(1 point)·Having done the interview, how do you feel aboutthe career or industry? (1 point)·Realistically, can you obtain this type of job? (1point)·How has the interview assisted you in your jobsearch? (1 point)