What source(s) of laws may be applicable to the business?

ScenarioSince obtaining your management degree, you have determined that starting your own organization would be the ideal next step. Your company will be specifically focusing on the areas of social media and online engagement. You intend to seek investor support for this initiative and to ensure full communication and disclosure of information. You begin to prepare a business plan presentation for the shareholders’ meeting. These materials will include a variety of details and data necessary to advise potential shareholders, and it will have a full section dedicated to legal liabilities.
Prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Include speaker notes in the Notes pane on each slide to explain the details of your presentation. Your presentation should include the following:Title slideIntroduction with an overview of your business and purpose of presentationThree to five slides that address the legal points of the business plan:What source(s) of laws may be applicable to the business? Please identify at least 3 Federal and/or state statutes, regulations, or cases that relate to your effort.What are some of the basic laws associated with doing business?What safeguards will you impose to ensure that all legal requirements and procedures are fully and consistently satisfied?References slide as the last slide in the presentation