What support would you need or expect from your company’s Human Resources organization?

Assume you are working for a multinational or globalU.S. organization, and you are currently based in the U.S. The companyoffers you a 2 – 3 year expatriate assignment. Would you want such anassignment? Why/Why not?Assuming you accepted the offer ofa 2 – 3 year expatriate assignment, what supportwould you need or expect from your company’s Human Resourcesorganization?
read the article attached for question 1-5 below
Based on the article, pleaserespond to the following questions:How is Purpose important to an organization’ssuccess?Provide any examples of organizational purposestatements you may have from your own work experience.How is a vivid description important to anorganization’s success? Share any examples you have from your own workexperience.In your opinion, how can the Collins & Porras modelbe applied to managing talent (i.e., people) within organizations?How can HR practitioners or professionals use theCollins & Porras model to drive employee performance and engagementwithin organizations?