What term best defines when a regime is transformed from one type into another?

Instructions:After reading Chapter 1 and going through the module pages, please complete the questions below. Please copy and paste the questions in the submit box and answer them in black font. This will be part of your participation grade and will prepare you for your final for this class.Lecture NotesIntroduction / Chapter 1Politics can be defined as ______.List on dimension of power and provide, in your own words, its definition.In comparative politics, we often talk about transitions of power. What term best defines when a regime is transformed from one type into another?The concept relating to why and how modern nations and states arose is known as ______.The transformation of a poor agrarian society into a wealthy industrial society is an example of what concept in political science?Rational choice theory is in natural opposition to which decision making theory?______ is a regime in which citizens have basic rights of open association and expression and the ability to change the government through some sort of electoral process.The three key questions in comparative politics are ______, ______, and ______.A political actor is best defined as ______What are the three broad approaches to the study of political behavior discussed.What is “comparative politics?” What does it study, and how would you situate it within political science.What is the problem with the statement that “democracies have elections and authoritarian regimes have dictators”?What do political scientists mean when they use the term “regime”? What are some examples of types of regimes?Compare and contrast the various research methods utilized in comparative politics.