What threats does it pose to your personal/family use and/or your organization’s use of technology and information?

Research Paper: Challenges and Biblical Principles in Managing Information Assignment OverviewTechnology brings significant risks and challenges along with its benefits. Wise public administrators need to know about those risks and constantly be vigilant to prevent misuse of information by themselves, their organizations, or external forces.This paper focuses on the stakeholders in public sector information management—who are they, what are their roles and impacts, and why is each important to me as a public servant or citizen?It consists of 3 parts (below) plus an introduction and references sections. To make it easier for readers to follow your thinking, please discuss the topics in the order presented below, with appropriate heading.· 8 – 10 pages of content, double-spaced· 7th edition APA format· Must include citations from all readings, videos, and presentations for the assigned Module: Week plus additional, relevant scholarly articles (published within the last five years) you select—for a total of 12 – 15 sources.Research Paper: Challenges and Biblical Principles in Managing InformationPart 1: Ethical/Legal Issues and Challenges:· From your perspective what are the major ethical and legal challenges and risks for abuse that we must keep top of mind in the collection, management, and use of information and technologies overall—and in the public arena specifically?· Suggest guidelines to help prevent unethical uses of data in general and especially in the public sector.Part 2: Technology-related Threats and Challenges, e.g., Cybersecurity:· Briefly describe the major technology-related threats, risks, and challenges to protecting data. What are the major threats and risks?The “dark web” is big business.What is the “dark web”?What threats does it pose to your personal/family use and/or your organization’s use of technology and information?How do we minimize the risks you discussed above? E.g., what are some best/next cybersecurity practices for protecting information and technology assets?
Part 3: Biblical Principles:· What are some biblical principles that can help inform and shape your collection, management, and use of information and technologies?· Make this knowledge personal and actionable–How will you help those around you:o Prevent the misuse or abuse of information ando Wisely use information and technology for the benefits of all?Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


Discuss whether that strategy is successful including your rationale.

What elements of this expansion can be identified as part of previous patterns?

Describe how cultural influences impact development throughout the lifespan (birth – middle adulthood).

Explain how you would explain the authors’ definition of economics, scarcity, and their important relationship.

Describe the communicable disease, incidence world-wide and in your community (go to your county’s public health website and research incidence of diseases), agent characteristics, environmental characteristics, signs and symptoms, treatment, and as a public/community health nurse how would you educate the public about this disease.

Write a letter to the Regional Minister through your local assembly telling him innovative ways, waste materials can be managed effectively and identify any other challenges and it’s related solution that can be addressed by the local assembly.

What is the authors view, and could it be applied with Robinsons views and or Craig Bensons views on sustainability methods and
development agenda in an attempt to solve your chosen issue ?

Explain in detail four sensory changes in late adulthood.

What is the attitude and the other person mentioned in the poem towards the wall and repairing it?

Explain how organizational structure influences organizational behavior
Give examples of how both effective and ineffective applications of structure impact organizational behavior.