What was “manifest destiny” and how did it fuel the westward expansion that encroached on Indian

Watch the the following documentary: Geronimo: We Shall Remain—America Through Native Eyes”answer the following Viewing QuestionsWhat was “manifest destiny” and how did it fuel the westward expansion that encroached on Indianterritory?How were Native peoples like Geronimo and Sitting Bull portrayed in the myth of the American West? What will be the long term consequence of this myth?How were Apache homelands affected (present-day New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas) by the Mexican American War of 1846? In what other areas of the country were settlers urging the U.S. government to take possession of disputed land?Why was the discovery of gold so disastrous for the Native people in the region?During the 1850s, conflicts over states’ rights and slavery caused sectional tensions that ultimately led to the Civil War. What economic opportunities in the West and Southwest put pressure on the U.S. to resolve the status of slaves in the territories?More than a million square miles of new territory came under U.S. control in the 1840s. Most emigrants traveled over the great overland trails to get to these new lands. Which trails did travelers use to travel through Apache country and what economic opportunities awaited them? How were they treated by Native peoples as they passed through Native lands?Examine the particular political borders of Apacheria and the climate and terrain of the region. Evaluate how these factors enabled Apaches to resist effective American control over them for so long.How did the U.S. Army respond to potential threats to movement and settlement following the annexation of Texas in 1845, the settlement of the Oregon boundary dispute in 1846, and the successful conclusion of the Mexican War in 1848? Why did their actions harden Indian opposition and provoke more violence?Google the Indian Appropriation Act of 1851, which authorized the creation of Indian reservations in modern-day Oklahoma. Enforcement of the reservation system resulted in some of the bloodiest wars between Native peoples and the U.S. Why did the Dawes Act of 1887 fail?What was the Civil War’s impact on the Southwest during Geronimo’s time? What happened to government resources and the reservations? How did military technology used in the Civil War affect the outcome of the Indian Wars? Did the Native peoples of the Southwest participate in the Civil War?In the film, writer David Roberts says “By the 20th century, Geronimo comes to stand for the valueswe hold most dear in America: the lone battler, the champion of his people, the guy who never gives up,the ultimate underdog.” Why do you think this American “nostalgic sensibility” took hold?