What was the social impact of these movements?

Choose ONE of the following and blog:1. How were the Enlightenment and Great Awakenings similar? What was the social impact of these movements? Which do you think has had the most impact over time in American society and why?
2. The Salem witch trials have long fascinated the American people. Why do you think this is so, and what seems to be the best explanation for why these events unfolded as they did in Salem in 1692?
3. The Middle Colonies were some of the most ethnically and economically diverse of the thirteen colonies. What drove this diversity? Do you think this served as a model for future diversity in the United States?As a reminder, your initial post must be 150 words minimum, and you must write a substantial reply to at least one classmate. Direct quotations must be used sparingly (and cited), and the use of outside sources (i.e. anything other than your textbook or the “Recommended Resources” is this chapter’s module) is strictly prohibited. America: Essential Learning Edition, Second Edition, Volume 1