What were their conclusions about the question and how did they arrive at them?

Final AssignmentThis is a take-home assignment consisting of three questions, one page each (double spaced, Times 12). The questions are designed to assess knowledge and assimilation of the Course Objectives (COs) and assigned readings. No outside research is necessary.The questions and corresponding COs are as follows:CO2: Compare and contrast local political structures with state-centered structures. (comprehension)CO4: Analyze the relationship between states and societies in the MENA. (analysis)1) According to Yildirim (2016), what are “Muslim Democratic Parties” (MDPs)? What sets them apart from Islamist parties?(Week 6 reading)CO3: Apply theories of gender, family, and patriarchy to MENA cultures and societies.2) Masoud, Jamal, and Nugent (2016) asked the question: “Can Islam, so often seen as justifying the subordination of women in the Arab world, actually be deployed to empower them?”What were their conclusions about the question and how did they arrive at them? Do they fit with what you have read and researched this semester?(Week 4 reading)CO5: Determine the relationship between globalization and MENA societies.3) Globalization opens many channels for the exchange of ideas. These exchanges can bring cultures closer and also challenge cultural misperceptions. Using the Week 8 readings, discuss ways that Western populations have understood the Middle East.Additional details:You can simply number your answers 1-3 and do not have to paste in the content from above.You do not need to include a reference list, since all three sources are in the classroom.