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This assignment asks you to develop a definition and apply it in order to draw a conclusion.

Basic prompt: Your task is to compose a 1250 word essay (+/- 100 words) focused on how the websites, streaming services, and social media sites you frequent try to keep your attention. Ultimately, you’ll think about whether these manipulations constitute a conspiracy.

I encourage you to think about your papers in sections, whether or not you supply subheadings. Doing so will help you organize and help your readers keep up with you. You’ll need to learn how to divide your essays into sections yourself, but to get you thinking in those terms, I’ll determine the sections for you: Your introduction, What’s a Conspiracy?, My Online Experience, and A Web-Based Conspiracy?

The first section is your introduction. Though the case is different for science courses, for courses in the Humanities (e.g., English, Philosophy, Theology, and, usually, History), you shouldn’t label your intro “Introduction.”

You just let the title of the paper do the work.

Thoughts on introductions and a requirement for the introduction to this essay: A good strategy when you write your papers is to give yourself something specific to explain at every step. (You can get a little more general toward the end of your conclusions.) It is especially important to begin your papers specifically; broad beginnings to essays leave you trying to catch up, eating up valuable paper real estate. Very often, a paper with “Throughout history” or “_______ has always” beginning never quite gets to the depth of analysis you will achieve in your best writing.

Quotations from your sources offer a great way to get specific in your essays because, as you know from the presentation on quotation integration posted last week, you need to explain your quotations.

So, to help you begin this essay in a specific direction, I ask you to quote, within the first two sentences of your paper, some part of the two red underlined sentences on the Herbert Simon excerpt below (they’re on page 40). You’re looking to give yourself a way to start talking about the website or streaming service you’ve chose to focus on.

Be sure to end your intro with your thesis statement and essay map

What’s a Conspiracy?
Defining your key term or terms is among the most important tasks to accomplish early in any paper, and it’s especially important this one. Handling it in the second paragraph, right after your thesis statement, makes great sense for this assignment.

A one sentence dictionary definition isn’t going to cut it for this paper; your argument for this essay hinges on how you define conspiracy.

Expect to devote an entire paragraph to defining your term. (When an idea is really important to a paper that’s at least a few pages long, and the writer confines that key idea to a single sentence in the paper, that writer isn’t doing the readers any favors. Your most important ideas deserve more than one sentence.)

The first prewriting exercise should help you with ths task.

A Web-Based Conspiracy?

You’re being manipulated, but is that website, or those the websites, or that web-based service, or those web-based services, conspiring against you? Use your definition from the second section, and draw on the examples you developed in the third section, to formulate your response.