Where do you feel the Lord leading you to grow and learn more so that you can make a difference for Him in that area?

Follow Instructions: Post need to be 300 words or more. The doc I uploaded is my post on Becoming a Thought Leader. Read that, use it, and answer this post.
In the Discussion Thread: Becoming a Thought Leader, you reported on the areas of research you are most interested in and where you felt led to become a “thought leader.” Since that post, you have examined the consequences of ideas, different views on psychology and Christianity, how to actively read research, as well as current trends in your research sub-specialty. You also have reviewed your DCP and faculty in our department as you think about your plans for your doctoral journey. And you have been encouraged to pray about the direction the Lord would have you pursue.Given all that you have read and learned and prayed about this term, please reflect on the following questions and post a response that addresses the research and/or career direction you feel the Lord leading you in as you start your doctoral journey:In what research areas or settings do you feel led to become a thought leader?What areas of research are emerging as interesting to you?Where do you feel the Lord leading you to grow and learn more so that you can make a difference for Him in that area?Any changes or clarifications from what you posted in the Discussion: Becoming a Thought Leader?


Is it the public’s responsibility to use consumer products “as intended” or is it the manufacturer’s responsibility to warn against known dangers for any possible application of their products?

Discuss and provide a supporting example for each of the following methods of valuation: fixed price, multiple of earnings, return on investment, replacement value, liquidation value, excess earnings, and market value.

Describe three issues regarding General Motors discussed in the case that appears to be hurting its performance.

Discuss the future of nursing theory, your current practice environment, and how to best use theory in the future of nursing.

Discuss design methodology and the lean start-up methodology, which are contemporary methods of new venture evaluation.

Discuss about African American women in leadership positions in higher education.

Describe the attributes of a given data set using appropriate terms.

Write a paper about the ecosystems you have chosen and the species that make up these ecosystems.

What does it suggest about women’s ability to rise to higher organizational levels?

Write about the change in U.S. society, and discuss how this change shapes every aspect of society and human interactions.