Why The Poor Feel The Heat More Than Their More Affluent Neighbors

This is it!!! Please follow the instructions for submitting your Final Capstone Project– If you submit your 6-8 page draft without additional work or suggested improvements, youwill not receive credit for this assignment. Since this assignment is worth 40 points toward your final grade, this is not a recommended way to complete the class.– The final paper submission of your project should be persuasive, well-organized and well written with complete sentences, correct spelling and grammar. You introduce your sources and properly cite them both in text and in the Works Cited page.– A “Works Cited” page is required. Do not label it a Bibliography or References.– The paper should contain a minimum of TEN (10) appropriate and scholarly sources. At least six (6) of these must be print material, this includes: books, ebooks, journals, articles andejournal articles.– There should also be an Abstract at the beginning of the paper. See the supplemental materials about writing an Abstract in D2L– The Final Paper should reflect all changes, suggestions, and amendments that have been made by the instructor on rough draft. Failure to do this will substantially lower your grade.– Consult the grading rubric for your paper that is in the content module.– Submit your project through the drop box by the due date. Do Not wait until the last minute to submit!The style of the paper should be as follows:– Standard font 12 point Times New Roman (or other standard font)– Your pages should be NUMBERED– Double Spaced– The paper should appear in this order and as all ONE DOCUMENT—I do not want to have to open multiple documents. Here is the order:Title Page, Abstract, Final Draft, Works Cited PageYour last name should be included with page number on each pageDon’t forget to review how to incorporate sources, and write in third person.