Why would people change from hunter-gatherers to agrarians?

Remember…this is a Reaction Paper…so make sure that you include your Reaction !!!Complete in MS Word.doc ONLYSee MLA Writing Styles…pick up some TipsUnder MLA…we don’t use Footnotes anymoreYour Paper must be at least 3-5 pages (Not Including Source Page and Cover)Double Spacing (it’s standard)You MUST Use a Source Page (Bibliography)***You must cite ALL of your sources WITHIN the paper!!! Once again….use MLAYou MUST use multiple Sources…at least 2You CANNOT use the Textbook as a SourceWikipedia is not an approved Source, but you can use it as a Secondary if needed…but I would rather you didn’t use it at allUse your imagination, be creative!!! I reward originality!You should pick a Topic from the List Below…or better…pick your ownThis list contains suggestions…pick any variation Check with me first if you have doubts1. Choose any person (or people) that left their mark on Western Civilization from the Ancient Period (5000 BCE) up to the Scientific Revolution (1700’s) They can be male, or YES, even femaleThey can be from the West, or the EastPolitical, Religious, Military…from any aspect or region What is their legacy?2. Pick any aspect (SPERM) of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, the Renaissance…etc. (and explain!!!)3. Why would people change from hunter-gatherers to agrarians? How did this transition change overall lifestyle?14. What major factor or factors carried nomadic peoples to build and develop complex civilizations? What advantages/disadvantages might it also contain?Think about Human Nature…adaptation…development…finding an easier way to survive…and exist…5. How did the Middle Ages change the “identity” of Western Civilization?Was it more than just a period in between the Fall of Rome and the next “big thing”?6. What advantages did/does Science/Technology/Industry have? What disadvantages might it also contain?7. Explain the Rise and Fall of Rome (Republic OR Empire…NOT BOTH…these are extremely complicated periods!!!)Were both rise and fall inevitable? Could the Fall have been avoided?8. Explain the role of ReligionYou can compare / contrast… or take it from the Western or Eastern Viewpoint How does Religion affect the West in modern times?9. How did the West react following the Fall of Rome/ The Renaissance?new political systems? lifestyle? How did Europe pull themselves out of the “Dark Ages” ?10. Democracy and its effects on the West…elaborate