Write a 15-page APA style about security lapses in our schools, and how to prevent campus shootings.

1.Identify, analyze andapply laws germane to the world of private security.2.Interpret and put intopractice the panoply of constitutional case law relevant to the world ofprivate security and the tests associated with their application in particularfacts.3.Illustrate the mannerin which the current legal and regulatory requirements, or the lack thereof,lead to an increase of civil and criminal claims in private security.4.Evaluate the legal andregulatory business and professional requirements that exist in the area ofprivate security and demonstrate proper business practices in compliance withlegal and regulatory requirements.5.Differentiate thevarious criminal and civil actions that prompt liability for the privatesecurity company and employ effective strategies to avoid liability.6.Summarize the varioustrends towards increased training and licensing in the private justice sectorand produce policies that support increased professionalism.