Write a book review on The Plague by Albert Camus.

Discussion Board #9: Students must write a post responding to the following prompt, and respond to another student’s post with a substantive comment (see In your post, answer the following:1) In the book The Plague, pp. 92-100: The narrator describes the religious response to the plague in the town and reports on Father Paneloux’s influential sermon. Briefly summarize Father Paneloux’s understanding of the meaning of the plague and its significance. Do you agree with Father Paneloux’s view? Why or why not? Provide reasons to support your agreement or disagreement.2) pp. 122-130: Tarrou has a very important conversation with Dr. Rieux in which Rieux reveals his motivations and views on life, God, and death. Why does Rieux continue to work to combat the plague in the face of tremendous suffering, death, and lack of hope? Do you think his view is a noble one? Why or why not? Provide reasons to support your claims.After you have posted, you must comment on another student’s post as a Respondent. Your comment should be substantive, not merely restating and agreeing with a point made by another student. See especially the guideline for:Communication (Quality of Response): Response to the post of others develops or problematizes a claim or post in a relevant and informed way that advances discussion. Does not merely agree or disagree with another student’s post or comment.