Write a brief story describing a true significant incident and/or event from your life/childhood/family history.

Papers must betyped, double-spaced, with 12 point font and 1” margins. Use the proper APA format (6thedition) including title page, headings, subheadings, citations in thetext, and references.
The paper has two parts:
Part 1: Write a 4 pages of your Family Story Paper
Family Story Paper
Write a brief story describing a true significant incident and/or eventfrom your life/childhood/family history.If you are uncertain about certain details, write what you believe to betrue about the situation and other people’s actions/reactions. Write this storyin the third person. Then, answer the following reflective questions about yourstory. Please be concise and limit this to four (4) pages. Use headings in APA format to organize material.A. Review the story and examine the theme behind the narrative—what messagedoes it have for you?B. What does this narrative have to do with your family system?C. How is this story a metaphor for issues that you are currently facing inyour life?D. What parts of this story would you like to re-write?E. If you woke up tomorrow and the narrative had changed, how would you bedifferent?F. How does this story “show up” in your relationship interactions?
Part 2: Write a Genogram Assignment paper
Genogram Assignment paper
THE SECOND PART OF THIS PAPER IS DUE IN OCTOBER 10TH, 2021Students will construct 1 page of a three generation genogram of their own families and will also write up a 2 pages analysis of their own family systems with an emphasis on familypatterns. Because of the personal natureof this assignment, the instructor will keep the information in strictestconfidence. Credit will be deducted ifgenogram is incomplete (e.g. not three generations) or if narrative is missingcomponents. You can use software to draw the genogram or hand draw it—thisisn’t an art class so it doesn’t have to be beautiful, just legible.