Write a budget proposal that contains operating expenses and revenue.

A chief financial officer (CFO) is responsible foroverall financial management in justice or security. He or she overseesdisbursements and accountability processes, as well as operational planning,budgeting, and analysis.
Imagine you are the CFO for a criminal justice orprivate security agency. You are tasked with developing and presenting anoperating budget proposal to your agency director. Your starting point for theoperating budget is the current year. You will then build an operatingbudget for the next year.
Select a state orlocal criminal justice or security agency.
Research the mostrecent budget for that agency. Use the resource at the end of the assignment asan example of an operating budget and how to search for one online.
Write a budget proposal that contains operating expenses and revenue.
Include thefollowing in your proposal:
Your total budget. This can increase ordecrease 5 percent.The total for your operating budget andspecial line items. If you include the special line items, they mustequal the total of all your revenue sources, which is called a balancedbudget. There should be no deficit or surplus budgeting.Increase or decrease of any expenditureor fund source you like. Any increase or decrease should be related tothe issues you list in your summary.Base your budget adjustments and issueson actual concerns your state or local jurisdiction is experiencing.
Insert a table inthe budget recommendation that includes columns for the current year(your starting point) and the next year (your recommendation). The tableis not part of the summary word count.
Explain the issuesthat justify increases or decreases in the total budget.


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