Write a case study on ‘Why does Daddy have a beard?’

Read the following case study and write a responding to all parts of the questions provided.Four-Year-Old SonsA common behavior displayed by preschoolers is asking a lot of why questions. Why are carrots orange? Why does Daddy have a beard? Why do I have to go to bed now? In a study about the lives of women, Belenky and her colleagues interviewed several mothers (Belenky, Bond, & Weinstock, 1997). The authors found distinct perspectives on how mothers viewed questions by their children.Elizabeth describes her son Charles as being disrespectful in questioning her authority. For example, when Elizabeth tells Charles not to touch a dead bug, he questions her about why the insect is dead and why he shouldn’t touch it. She believes his frequent questions reflect his intention to anger her by not listening respectfully or accepting her statements. In contrast, Joyce describes her son Peter as having an insatiable curiosity. She believes that his frequent questions are a natural outgrowth of his need to analyze the world around him. She sees his responses to her requests as a natural outgrowth of his mental reflection. She admires and appreciates her son’s questions because she believes that he sees dimensions to things that she misses, and his questions help her to think through what they are doing together.QuestionsHow do the two mothers interpret their sons’ questions? How might they have developed their different orientations to children’s queries? How might a teacher form a partnership with each of these mothers? Should a teacher be concerned that Elizabeth is maltreating her son