Write a cite and highlight the difference in a old Disney movie versus a new one using MLA.

In this second outline, you are to look at scenes from two Disney films, one older (before 1995) and one newer (after 1995). Compare the way the scenes depict complex issues, such a gender, race, ethnicity, class, or nationality. You can concentrate on only one issues (such a gender), or you can consider three different issues (such at gender, class, and race). Think about what these films have taught the young children who are the targeted audience about these issues. A good example would be to look at the way an old Disney version of Cinderelladepicts female identity versus the way a newer film, such as Frozen, depicts female identiy. Then think about how these two different depictations might impact a young viewer.You don’t have to watch entire films (though it would help!), but you can and must find scenes on YouTube to watch so that you can be specific in your analysis. Be sure to quote dialogue from the scenes you find in your paper. You also need to cite the quotes using MLA. Include the hour:minute:second. An intext citation will look like (01:14:56).doekels5 minutes ago1. must follow the outline template provided. delete the red and replace it with your own words in black .
2. do not use the same example given: Cinderella princess and the frog or frozen choose different movies to talk about example maybe Aladdin and brave they both are trying to find their way without guidance of family
3. thesis statement must be clear and contains the 3 topics you will write about in each of the 3 body paragraphs starting with their topic sentence